An Introduction to COL Securities (HK) Limited

COL Securities (HK) Limited (formerly Hong Kong Ltd. ) is more than ever committed to focus on individual customers' financial needs and goals regardless of age or income level by keeping them well-informed and well-equipped to take advantage of investment opportunities in the stock market.

Company Profile

COL Securities (HK) Limited is a subsidiary of Philippines who is a leading online stockbrokerage firm in the Philippines. It is the first and only online stockbroker to list in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) with a total paid-up capital of over Php 0.5 billion. The Company was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 16 August 1999 and started commercial operations on 1 January 2001 and is a registered Trading Participant of the PSE since 13 December 2006. The Company owns 100% of COL Securities (HK) Hong Kong, Ltd., a member of the Hong Kong Exchanges. Its management team is composed of professionals in the financial and information technology industries, as well as entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the stock brokerage industry.

Company Vision

To be the leading online financial services provider for Hong Kong and Philippine investors by becoming the company of choice, providing leadership, innovation and opportunities for growth. This will be achieved through continuous website feature upgrades, increased research coverage and introduction of innovative products.

Company Mission

To help the Investors, regardless of age or income, achieve financial freedom and ensure long-term shareholder value by delivering best-in-class online financial products and services driven by our core competence in technology, investor education and research. We are guided by our passion for excellence, good governance and values of integrity, teamwork and efficiency in an enriching work environment.

Investment Argument

We began with a commitment to provide all Filipinos a powerful and convenient platform to maximize the investment opportunities that the Philippine stock market has to offer. We then built and launched COL Securities (HK) Limited to deliver such similar services to HK investors. Combining comprehensive tools, up-to-date research analysis, and live market information, our site is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of all investor types from beginners to more experienced users.

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